moderated Re: Microsfot Exchange Account and Outlook 2016

Michael Mote

Hi there Joe!  Do you know if the exchange account is linked to Office 365?  If not, you may have to set up some of the account settings manually.  You may want to inquire about incoming and outgoing server settings to see if you can get those to put into your Outlook.  Just a thought.  Several years ago, we had this sort of exchange account at work, and it was tough at times to configure accounts in Outlook.



From: [] On Behalf Of Joe DiNero
Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2018 5:57 PM
Subject: Microsfot Exchange Account and Outlook 2016


Good Evening Folks


Not exactly a JFW question. However, I am hoping someone can give a little advice I just got a new part time position and the email address is a Microsoft Exchange account and the online interface is a nightmare with JFW. Is there some sort of secret with setting them up in Outlook 2016? I used the new account wizard in Control Panel and it says it was successful however, I am not seeing any of the email. Any clues?



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