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I recently went thru this, but I'm not exactly sure if it applies to
your situation:

if you're setting up an account with Outlook 2016, there is
a secure screen or U A C dialog that internally pops up that JAWS or any
other screen reader won't be able to access. you will need someone
sighted to click the continue or yes button to complete the connection.
pressing alt+c I think for the secure screen or alt+y for the yes button
for the UAC won't work. this problem was supposed to be corrected by
Microsoft, but I guess they didn't. maybe Microsoft's Disability Answer
Desk (800-936-5900) might be able to help you if you want them to
remotely access your computer and click the respective buttons. or they
might even help to resolve your issue if it is more involved than what I

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Subject: Microsfot Exchange Account and Outlook 2016

Good Evening Folks

Not exactly a JFW question. However, I am hoping someone can give a little
advice I just got a new part time position and the email address is a
Microsoft Exchange account and the online interface is a nightmare with JFW.
Is there some sort of secret with setting them up in Outlook 2016? I used
the new account wizard in Control Panel and it says it was successful
however, I am not seeing any of the email. Any clues?

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