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Kimber Gardner

Right now it's an Outlook account but my office is in the process of
transitioning to Office 365. I haven't transitioned yet but somehow my
account got hammered and hasn't worked since last Thursday, except
through the web interface. Once I employed Russell's instructions to
change the layout the screen became super accessible and easy to
navigate with Jaws. I guess the best analogy I can draw is the
difference between Gmail's html layout and the traditional layout
which is a nightmare with Jaws.

On 6/27/18, Sieghard Weitzel <> wrote:
Kim, is this for an account or an Office 365 account?
When I log in on my Office 365 account and go to Mail I don't even get these
options to either change it via settings or to replace something in the
addressbar, but the web interface which I get is super accessible,
uncluttered and easy to use..

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You are the best! Thank you so much. I used the "manual" method because,
well, that's just how I roll. <g>

The light layout is so much better, so much simpler. What a relief.

Thanks again for saving me from another headache.


On 6/26/18, Russell Solowoniuk <> wrote:
Hi Kimberly,

Here are instructions for changing Outlook on the web to a light
version that is more accessible.

If the following websites instructions don’t work by changing it in
the settings, then try the manual directions below.

Proper way, via settings:

Manual method:
After signing in by whatever method (probably <>),
look at the address bar, it will probably start with something like the
Just go and delete the blaughblaughblaugh part, and put in
layout=light, so the new address would be

Make sure not to delete the question mark (?) in the URL.

Hope this helps,

On Jun 26, 2018, at 1:24 PM, Kimber Gardner

Hi all,

Hoping someone can give me some help. In my office there is an
ongoing email issue that prevents us from sending or receiving email
except through the web interface of outlook.

The interface looks like it should be accessible enough, but for some
reason I am finding it incredibly confusing. If anyone has some
familiarity with the outlook interface and can give me some tips I
would very much appreciate the help. Our helpdesk folks have no idea
how soon the problems will be fixed so there's no telling how long I
will be trapped in outlook web mail hell.

Thanks in advance




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