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John Covici

Yep, fsclient is generally very nice. Its more accessible than most
voip clients for the desktop. I also use bria mobile on the phone,
the latest version is a bit quirky, but still accessible.

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The most accessible VOIP application that I have found on the PC is called FS Client. It has no affiliation with Freedom Scientific. It is very user friendly, and works better than BRIA did on the computer in my case.

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For iOS Bria is definitely the way to go, Groundwire always used to be accessible as well, but I think Bria is better. They also hae a PC application, not sure how this all works now with Windows 10 and UWP apps and if desktop versions
are still supported/developed. In any case, I never did try the desktop version.

This might be a good question also on Jonathan Mosen’s Blind Phones list.



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If you have a Google account I would strongly suggest you at least try out getting a Google Voice number and then playing with the Hangouts app on iOS and possibly under Chrome. One can also access the Hangouts functionality

I do not believe a hold function is available, but I do know that a mute function is. I also don't know if one can use it to do multi-way calling for phone calls, but I know that one can do so for the built-in video calling
function, but that applies only to others who have Google Accounts.

My business number is a Google Voice number that I access exclusively via Hangouts. One can also use the native Google Voice webpage, too, but I haven't done that in ages because, for me, Hangouts is a superior interface.

Since it's free and not all that complicated to set up it's worth giving it a whirl and reporting back on what is, and is not, accessible via the various interfaces. If you want to talk to me off-list about this you know how
to reach me.


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