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Sieghard Weitzel <sieghard@...>

The alarm/Cortana sounds probably just dominate Jaws, this happens also sometimes when you go on a website where some video ad starts playing and suddenly you can hardly hear Jaws anymore because of the other audio.

If audio ducking works correctly it is actually supposed to duck/lower other audio not Jaws so that as soon as you use Jaws you can actually hear it and find a button or whatever to turn off the alarm or to stop the video from playing.

As I said before, there is no good solution without a separate sound card or USB sound device. I just received an email from AT Guys, they are selling an USB audio device which has a 3.5mm headphone speaker jack and a 3.5mm microphone jack for $10, here is the link:


Aluminum USB External Stereo Sound Adapter for Windows and Mac


I am considering ordering at least 3 or 4 of these things for my various computers so I can finally separate Jaws and other audio.






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Subject: Re: audio ducking and Jaws and cortanna


What Nino wants is to find out how to prevent JAWS from being lowered when he gets an alarm notice from Cortana. When Nino gets a notice now, he can’t hear JAWS tell him for what time the alarm is set. Audio Ducking is not on, neither is the Communications tab set to reduce JAWS. We think this is a function of Cortana for which there is no way to prevent the JAWS audio from being lowered.


Bill White



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If I’m understanding Nino’s post correctly, he wants JAWS to stay silent when interacting with Cortana, not the other way around. Is this correct?

It is tricky to implement application sleep mode for Cortana, because it’ll affect Start menu as well.

Technical: in Windows 10, Cortana and Start menu are housed inside one executable: SearchUI.exe. This is the reason why you’d hear “Cortana” when you open Start menu. If application sleep mode is applied to SearchUI.exe, not only JAWS would stay silent, Start menu interaction won’t work properly.

There is a way to let JAWS stay silent when you talk to Cortana: scripting SearchUI.exe (searchui.jss). The idea is to catch UIA events on a particular control and force JAWS to stay silent as long as a particular event is occurring on that UIA element (trust me, it took me months to get it right for another screen reader; talk to me privately if you have questions on how I did it for NVDA).




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Subject: Re: audio ducking and Jaws and cortanna


I no longer have JAWS, so what follows is sketchy and from memory, but isn't it possible to put JAWS into "no voice" mode or actually sleep JAWS entirely when focus is on specific applications?  This ability exists in NVDA, and I could have sworn it existed in JAWS, too, but the details of implementing it have escaped me.  One generally wants JAWS to shut up when dealing with other apps that are self-voicing. 

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