moderated Re: Looking for an accessible VOIP/softphone option for desktop and iOS mobile



            If you have a Google account I would strongly suggest you at least try out getting a Google Voice number and then playing with the Hangouts app on iOS and possibly under Chrome.  One can also access the Hangouts functionality at

            I do not believe a hold function is available, but I do know that a mute function is.  I also don't know if one can use it to do multi-way calling for phone calls, but I know that one can do so for the built-in video calling function, but that applies only to others who have Google Accounts.

            My business number is a Google Voice number that I access exclusively via Hangouts.  One can also use the native Google Voice webpage, too, but I haven't done that in ages because, for me, Hangouts is a superior interface.

            Since it's free and not all that complicated to set up it's worth giving it a whirl and reporting back on what is, and is not, accessible via the various interfaces.  If you want to talk to me off-list about this you know how to reach me.


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