moderated Looking for an accessible VOIP/softphone option for desktop and iOS mobile


Hello list,

I know this topic has come up from time to time before, but I was hoping for a refresher.

I’m in need of a VOIP/softphone solution that will work with desktop and mobile. In my case, iOS.

I as well as other parties need to be able to make and receive calls, place people on hold, etc.

I don’t want to get a dedicated phone line per say since I would need to take and review information over the phone.

I’ve currently got a Skype number that has worked fine for now with one business of mine, but I have this other endeavor where it would not just be me who would need to access/be accessible via phone. That and Skype’s accessibility has been less than inspiring as of late. I’m still on Skype desktop 7.4 for this purpose. I know there’s also Skype for business, but from what I’ve read with the experience of others, it too has its issues.

So… can anyone recommend a telephone service/product that can be used in conjunction from the PC (Jaws user) and an iPhone that meets all of these requirements?




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