Re: [Bulk] Optimal Settings for Jaws on a Windows 7 Computer?

Ann Byrne

The mobile center choices maybe don't say 'function keys'. There is a choice between multi-media, which was the default on my lap top, and something else. the something else was the right choice.

Good luck!

At 10:52 PM 12/28/2011, you wrote:
In my HP Windows mobility center it doesn't have that option.
I've googled turning off performance of the function keys on an HP windows 7 Laptop, but no one seems to have the problem of needing F10 to get to the menu bar or having F11 to get to full screen. I couldn't find anything.
My alt button doesn't work and Google doesn't display a search or I'm feeling Lucky button or I'd be fine.
Is this just a problem with HP computers?

Brandon Keith Biggs
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this is from the windows 7 list some time ago. It works.

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Ah, this happened to me with my new laptop. Go into the control pane
and look for something called windows mobility center. That's where
I was able to change the performance of the function keys. It was
set on multi media and I changed it to standard.


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