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John Covici

Handbreak plus a .dll you have to download should work -- its a bit
quirky with jaws, however.

On Sun, 24 Jun 2018 00:15:37 -0400,
Nino Dagostino wrote:

You might want to try

Digital media converter, you have to remberr that cntrl will select all the
files that's what they shared with me.

Have a good night.

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Hello all,

Can anyone recommend an accessible DVD to MP4 converter? I am hoping to
convert to actual video, not just audio. I hoped Total Recorder would do
it, but when I try to open one of the .VOB files that actually contain the
video, I receive a message that Total Recorder does not support "pure MPEG"

I found plenty of software that claims to do it, including WinDVDX, but they
did not seem to work with JAWS, unless there are scripts I do not know

Any ideas appreciated. Thanks!!!


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