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Ashleigh Piccinino


     To add favorites to Edge, do this. If you’re on the website you’d like to add, press CTRL d. this puts you in the favorite name and favorite URL location. Of course, if you’re using JAWS, it’ll say “Favorite name” on the main section. If you tab once, “favorite URL” is stated by JAWS. Another press of tab gets you into the “save in favorites folder” item. The next press of tab allows you to add the favorite, and the last can allow you to cancel. Once again, when you’re on the site, press CTRL d. you can rename the favorite here if you wish. Tab until you get to the “save in” box, and you can expand this by pressing enter. If you want the favorite to be saved in the defalt folder—mine’s the favorites folder--, you tab to add favorite. Once pressed, JAWS says, “favorite added! Find it in hub.” Just press escape, and you’re done. If you’d like to get to your favorites, press CTRL i. Need any more help? Feel free to write me back/the list again.

Hope this helps, and good day.

Ashleigh S. Piccinino


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Subject: adding a favorite to ms edge
As the subject line says, how do you add a favorite to ms edge?  I can't
figure it out.

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