moderated Re: Are there special settings for Outlook 2010 ribbons and Jaws 2018?



That sounded like a good idea, but no luck.

I did have it set to highlighted

If I just arrow down after getting to view and do nothing else I get all that junk. If I right arrow across it will be fine until I hit the conversations tab and then all bets are off. The junk comes back. With right and left arrows.

The whole reason I am even in this View area is because EVERY stinking folder has the reading preview pane on by default, the to do bar and all that jaz.

I would love to figure out how to use conversation views but I don’t understand what is going on.

It works so well on the iphone, and used to in Outlook Express with WE. I can’t figure out what to do with Jaws and conversations.

That is why I am even looking here. But with all the noise I don’t know what is happening or what I am actually focused on.

I hoped a new computer would get rid of some of my gremlins but this one just lived through all the fresh installs as of April.




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Sent: Thursday, June 21, 2018 11:50 AM
Subject: Re: Are there special settings for Outlook 2010 ribbons and Jaws 2018?


It may be reading like this because you have JAWS set to read ALL instead of HIGHLIGHTED. If you want to read just the highlighted selections, press JAWS key plus the letter S until it says Highlighted.


Bill White



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Sent: Thursday, June 21, 2018 7:51 AM
Subject: Are there special settings for Outlook 2010 ribbons and Jaws 2018?



I was wondering why the ribbon choices read so strangely? When I try to go into the view part of the ribbon to adjust things like  reading pane, conversation grouping. The ribbon seams to be picking up all kinds of other things to say for example here is the speech history.

To change ribbons Use Left or Right arrows. To navigate the current ribbon, use Tab or Shift Tab.
Alt followed by V
Lower Ribbon
Current View group box citi alerts - shan... To ManagerMeetingAddress Book Team E-mail Reply & Delete Updatee Folder IgUpdate Folder Copy Folder CreatM o Download Reverse SortShow as Conversations From To Size Send Alll ClSend All Unmark to Download HAdd Columnsce Address Book Subject Type Attachments Account
Change View sub menu


Why is it reading like this?

Ar e there settings that I need to tweek or something? It is really confusing to hear all that junk.



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