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alternately, you can put a desktop shortcut that will shutdown or
restart the computer:

focus on the desktop and make sure nothing is selected. if it is
announced that a shortcut is selected, press control+space bar to unselect.
press the application key or shift+f10 and enter on new and then shortcut.
then type in the following as the location:

C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe -r -t 0

the -r stands for restart, and if you want one to shutdown, you'd
replace the r with an s.
the -t 0 stands for the time it takes in seconds to perform the shutdown
or restart. so if you want the computer to shutdown in 5 seconds, the
line would be:

C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe -s -t 5

you can then assign a hotkey to perform the action. get the properties
of the shortcut and tab to the assignment of the hotkey you'd like to
use and press the hotkey. the UAC might appear and press alt+y to allow
the assignment. tab to the ok button and activate it. all done.

From: Mario [mailto:mrb620@...]
Sent: Wednesday, Jun 20, 2018 4:20 PM EST
Subject: Powering down in Win10

press windows+x then u and u to shutdown or windows+u then u and r to

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Subject: Powering down in Win10

Hi all, I'm trying to find a way to power down the system within Win10. I've
gone to the desktop, and also used Windows X and arrowed up to shut down.
I'm looking for a keystroke that will just go to either shutdown or restart.

Any suggestions?



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