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Hi Annabelle,

Firstly thank you very much indeed for the excellent scenario suggestions. I'll pass these along and hopefully we can begin to get some of these created for you!

Before we go any further, for some reason your emails seems to have caught by our spam filter and diverted, I'm not exactly sure why although I've passed the information on to our Webhosts to see if they can figure out the cause. Do you use a non standard email client by any chance? I've added your email address to our exception list now so I'm hoping there shouldn't be a problem in future.

I'm trying to work my way through your previous emails and hopefully can address those also.

Regarding the tutorials, there is no sound in them, the information is presented in text form I'm afraid. I can understand why this is a problem for you now though. As far as I'm aware you are our only blind customer, so this hasn't been an issue before.

The interface itself is quite complicated so I'm not sure we could make it JAWS compatible ( it would probably take 6 months or so even if it were ). I'm really sorry about that but we simply don't have the resources to do this. I'll pass the information along though and see if we can come up with some kind of workable solution for you. Maybe we can create another audio based soundscape product from scratch which would interface with JAWS.

I'm going to ask for another CD to be sent out to you and ask our distributors to contact you when the CD is dispatched ( this should be within 48 hours ).

Warm regards,


Hi, it's Annabelle.
Here are some suggestions for additions to Atmosphere Deluxe.
Kingsford Smith Sydney Airport
Catalina Express Terminal Downtown Long Beach
Catalina Express Terminal (Queen Mary Long Beach)
Pizza Parlor
Catalina Express Terminal (San Pedro)
Fire Department
Jetplane Cabin
Catalina Express Terminal (Dana Point)
Emergency Dispatch Center
Photo Booth
Catalina Express Terminal (Avalon)
Police Station
Fire Engine
Movie Theater
Police Car
Airport Parking Lot
Department Store
Los Angeles International Airport
Shopping Mall
Video Arcade
Coffee Shop
San Diego Zoo
Snack Bar
New York Subway
Airport Runway
Thames River
Big Ben Clock Tower
Concert Hall
Recording Studio
Murrumbidgee River
Bus Station
Long Beach Harbor
Sydney Airport
Avalon Bay
San Diego Zoo
Australian Outback
Los Angeles Skyline
Boats On The Thames
Times Square
Kookaburras In Flight
Downtown Long Beach
School Playground
Murrumbidgee River
747 Jetplane
Medevac Helicopter
Airbus A300 Jetplane
St. Paul's Cathedral
Aquarium Of The Pacific
Shoreline Village
If you have any further information or questions for me, please feel free to Email me at any time, as I check my Emails several times each day.
Kind Regards,

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