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HH. Smith Jr.

Hi Peter,


Try this. On the top or beginning of each table JAWS announces the number of rows and columns in the table. On this announcement press F8. Then control+C and only the table will be selected and copied. HTH  


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Subject: Can I Copy & print just the table in a web site?


Hello Groups,

My financial web site has important information in a table with 5 columns and 30 rows. This would fit on a single page if I could print only the table. I would like to select, copy and paste it into Word and then print it, with the columns and rows preserved.

The Web page has a “Print Page” button but it prints all of the 4 pages. 


I know that Jaws uses the virtual cursor in order to simplify readability. This means that each column item is on a separate line.


I have tried these 2 Quick Setting options (for Firefox 52ESR):

  Select and copy from the virtual cursor


  Select and copy full content using onscreen highlight


Using both settings, I have selected from the beginning of the table, using shift plus down-arrow, to select 30 rows, and then copying to the clipboard. 30 is not enough for the whole table but just enough for sample purposes.


Pasting the clipboard into Word results in each column entry on a separate line.


Is there a way to select and copy only the table and have it appear in Word as a multi column table?

If this is possible, then Word would probably print it in a table structure.

Is there another way without using Word? 




Peter T.


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