moderated Assigning Classes to Unknown Window Types

Annabelle Susan Morison

Hi, it's Annabelle.
I'm working with Atmosphere Deluxe 7.0, and I'm trying to get JAWS to speak the controls just right, but there's at least a couple I'm stuck on how to assign. One is ThunderRT6PictureBoxDC, which I think is the equivalent of the main application window, and the other is ThunderRT6UserControlDC, which I'm not sure what that would be, since most of the controls are supposed to be either buttons, sliders, scrollbars, and checkboxes. But since a lot of them are identical, even having the same color, I don't know how to reassign them. Is there a way for me to change the highlight colors of each control that is seen as identical? Or would I have to have the source code of the program to do that? You can have a look at the program by downloading a trial version here:

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