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To catch two birds with one stone:

  • Navigating a screen like this: object navigation is useful for things like this.
  • JAWS version: touch cursor.

I’ll demonstrate this screen and other things this weekend.





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            I have the same issue when using NVDA.  If you open the Virus & Threat Protection pane, Scan History Button (which, by the way, looks just like a link), the screen you land on doesn't read except for the two links on it.  Now, mind you, you can get around this in NVDA with the "use the mouse and slowly drag it down the screen" technique, as the text seen will be read that way.

             I do not know why I cannot seem to figure out how to use one of the existing NVDA add-ons to this same effect, but I can't.  If NVDA can see this text as I drag the mouse down the screen over it that means that it is visible to NVDA, but I'm accessing it in a very non-typical-for-an-NVDA-user way.  I just tried the Virtual Review add on and that did not do what I wanted at all well. 

             Is there way to tell NVDA to do a "mouse glide" down a page that is not otherwise accessible, whether via an add-on or other method I don't know?


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