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kevin meyers


How do you put an email address in the contact list?


Kevin Meyers


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Hi Kevin,


See if the steps below will help you:

From: Kimsan

From within the address book, which you may navigate to by pressing CTRL
shift B, activate the file menu with alt f and arrow down to new entry and
press enter.
In the list box, focus on new contact group and tab once to the contacts
combo box and select the folder to which you would like to save your group.
You can press enter or tab to the ok button and spacebar on the ok button.
Next, you are in the contact group dialog.  The first field you will have
available is the name field, so type in the name of the new contact group.
Now you must add members to your contact group, which
You can select members from Outlook contacts, the address book, or add email
addresses manually. For the sake of avoiding writers cramp, I will only
explain how to select them by addressbook.
Activate the home ribbon by pressing alt h then press m for the members
list.  In the dropdown list, arrow down to addressbook and press enter.
Now, select the members, as many as you'd like.  Keep in mind that you will
land in a search field first, so tab to the extended list and arrow until
you find who you are looking for and press enter and that person will be
added to the contact group.  Just repeat this process until you have
everyone that you'd like to be in the group. Once you are complete, press
alt s to save it.
I hope this helps.

From: Mario 
Try the following:


press control+shift+l to create a distribution list and type a name.
tab once and you will hear the name of the list, press enter,


to add a contact, press alt+h+t.
tab to the list of contacts, arrow to a contact you wish to add to the
distribution list, tab to and enter on members button.
contact will be added, tab to ok and press enter.

From: Gene
I haven't played with distribution lists much but you might want to consider just doing something like the following because its so simple.
Start a new message.  Put all the addresses into the message that you want.
then, in the to line or wherever you placed the addresses, use control a to select all.
Then copy to the clipboard.
Open Notepad and paste the addresses in.
Then save the file with whatever name you wish.
In future, open the file, copy all the addresses to the clipboard, then close the program.
Start a new message in Windows Live Mail and paste the addresses into whatever field you wish. 


Using a distribution list may have advantages, such as removing an address may be easier, I'm not sure.  But I seem to remember that there are quirks to working with distribution lists in the new version of Windows Live Mail and my proposal may be easier and less annoyance. 


I haven't done anything with distribution lists in the old Windows Live Mail so I can't comment on doing so.



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Subject: Creating group address with Outlook 2010 and Jaws2018


Hello, I need to create a group of emails in onegroup. That way I just have to put the group name on the TO line. I think I asked this before and I cannot find the instructions. Cheers, Kevin

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