moderated Re: Firefox Quantum, Version 60, and getting to browser control buttons


This just in from Marco Zehe, the gentleman to whom Nermin referred earlier and who has his own blog at

Your best bet currently is to use the JAWS touch cursor to access those buttons, and use the equivalent of their DoDefaultAction on each button to execute it. We are currently working on a complete overhaul of keyboard accessibility for the toolbars, but it's not ready yet, and will hopefully be done for Firefox 62 or 63, but no promises. This is rather complicated stuff and will require a lot of testing and adjustment so we really get it right. This has been a long-standing problem, dating back even to before the Quantum days, but has now become more prevalent. However, we first needed to get NVDA and JAWS back into working condition on the core level first before we can now tackle the keyboard UX. So I ask for a little more patience. :)

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