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Carolyn Arnold <4carolyna@...>

If it is only mine on mine, I see no problem. Interestingly
enough, it is not happening on the Viphone list or Peel the

Best regards,


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yes, my subscription email address appears on the very
location you mentioned for every mailing list I am
subscribed to. wonder why.

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Hi All,

I noticed something today that I've never noticed before at
the bottom of any email that I receive from a
email list / club. If I go to the bottom of any email,
arrow up a couple of times, and right below the unsubscribe
link is my email address!

Would y'all please check any email you get from any list you're a member for what I described above,
and let me know if you're seeing your email address at the
bottom of each email, or if you're seeing someone elses'
email address?

All input on this matter will be greatly appreciated! Thank
you very very much!
Take Care. Mike. Go Dodgers!
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