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On 12/27/2011 1:50 AM, Stephanie Switzer wrote:
There's a more updated program. It's called "The Qube" You should
download that instead of "qwitter" seeing as Qwitter is no longer
being developed. You can find it at:
It's still in beta stage, but the developer welcomes feedback from the
people using the program.

On 12/26/11, Roger Loran Bailey<> wrote:

On 12/26/2011 10:53 PM, Dale Reardon wrote:

I am using Jfw13 and IE9.

When I click on twitter links on people's websites to follow them I get
taken to a twitter page/website where I'm told by my sighted wife that
is a follow button to activate. However Jaws doesn't seem to detect it
won't let me activate it.

Does anyone know a way around this?


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Yes, the Qube is a great program. However, there isn't any key command for approving or denying people who request to follow your twitter account, if you have this feature enabled.
For that, one still needs to log into and approve manually.
I am using JAWS 13 and Firefox 9.0.1. I have to route jaws to PC and left-click on the accept or deny buttons for them to work.
I also left-click on the follow button, if I'm not already following that person who wishes to be accepted on my account.

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