Re: Optimal Settings for Jaws on a Windows 7 Computer?

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I have been running Windows 7 for over 1 year with JAWS Professional 12 and
now with 13 and have not had the problems you described. I thought the only
difference between Jaws Home and Professional was the Remote feature in Pro.


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I just got a Windows 7 computer and I'm having some difficulties finding the
optimal settings to set my computer at.
I was told by FS that it came out of the box perfectly configured. I know
this is wrong because on webpages I see 10 line breaks where there should
only be 1 or 2, I'm not hearing characters when I erase them in some text
boxes, when I erase Jaws says the character that's ahead and not the one
it's supposed to be erasing, while I'm typing this message in Windows Live
Mail my Jaws curser is jumping to the desktop at random times, On the HP
solution center everything is unlabeled, Jaws is not reading some of the
notification windows that pop up, the F keys don't work except in key
combinations, I can't seem to get the Control Panel in Classic view, Jaws
doesn't seem to want to start up when I turn on the computer. These are what
I've found after the second hour with this darn computer!
I'm using Jaws 11 with Windows 7, an HP computer.
Perhaps the problem is that the CD I installed is home and not professional.

Is there a way to tell?
So far it looks like people saying Windows 7 being better is all a myth and
I should just go back to my Vista machine.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you,

Brandon Keith Biggs
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