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Richard Turner

Hi Amanda,

In GoldWave, hit f11, that brings up the control properties.
Hit control+tab to get to the device tab.
Then, tab beyond the playback area, though Jaws doesn't speak the group you are in, but listen carefully as you tab and when you hear something about a microphone, you are on the recording device area, which should be a combo box.
Mine says "Loop Back Speakers" which is what you would want for recording system sounds, or anything that comes over the speakers.
I have Windows 10 home, on a Toshiba laptop.
The label for this may be different on other computers.

I hope that helps,

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Can you record system sound with Goldwave?

I'm looking for something that I can record something from iTunes or
Windows Media Player, and the recording will stop when the track ends.
Does this sound like something Goldwave can do?

Does Goldwave play nice with JAWS?



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