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Peter Donahue

Hello Dan and everyone,


                Thank you! It's great not to be alone in this thinking.


Mary's new desktop was built for her by a company here in San Antonio called "Computer Nerdz."For anyone living in the Austin and San antonio areas their Website is:


                Last year they built this machine with top-of-the-line components and we use their Proactive Monitoring Service to keep it free from threats. They'll be building me a new desktop later this year.


                They're very good about getting technicians out when you need them even on Sunday afternoons. Many of their technicians are familliar with Jaws and other assistive technology and will work closely with those who use this technology to be sure all works correctly when their repairs are done. They have also helped us with Roku-related matters too.


Like Dan some of us chose to find alternatives to vocational rehabilitation for obtaining VFO and other assistive technology products we need for school, work, and whatever else. Perhaps a little more outreaching and a little less scorning would enable others here to do the same.


Peter Donahue




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Yes, both we as blind individuals and advocacy groups bear some of the blame for ongoing unemployment rates.  So as a self employed individual one of my burdens is to see this rate decreased.  I sit here willing to help work at a grass roots level with ideas to slow or end this problem.





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Your accusations against Computers for the Blind  are totally outrageous and out of line.  They provide a valuable service, and I can attest from personal experience that their refurbished computers are not defective as you imply.  In fact, I am composing this message on a refurbed Dell Optiplex desktop that I acquired from them three years ago, and it works perfectly.  As ffor blind people getting out into the work force, the unemployment rate, by the NFB’s own admission is 70%, a figure which has not changed in decades, and a situation for which, as far as I am concerned, the blindness advocacy groups must bear part of the blame. And exactly what type of employment “opportunity” are you talking about?  Fuller Brush salesman?Avon lady?  Tupperware party?Multilevel marketing scheme?   Give me a break.






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Subject: Computers to Help People, Take a Different Road


Good afternoon everyone,


                While we're glad they're working to make Jaws available on their computers Computers to Help People itself leaves lots to be desired! We know of cases where they sold used computers to blind persons that had hardware that was older than they were told it was. They don't offer their own tech support service, and offer equipment that is deffective and seriously out-of-date.


                While it's true unemployment is a serious issue among the blind it's also true that blind persons are presented with business and other opportunities that could give them more than any job could. We know this from having offering our opportunity to blind individuals who either flat turned it down or got involved and didn't remain committed to making it work for them. Our advice to anyone wanting assistive technology or want to upgrade your current technology and to skip the rehab rat race if opportunity comes calling it's legal and credible and you know the person presenting it to you, answer the door, let it in, get on board, and make it happen!


                There's no reason why blind persons offered such opportunities should be using junked hardware and seriously out-of-date software. It's your responsibility to develop the needed income streams to keep your equipment and applications current. Failure to do this will be a lack of responsibility on your part! The same also goes for viewing those who have done this successfully as braggers, show-offs etc. Someone who wanted to simply brag about their achievements wouldn't offer to help others do what they accomplished. Such thinking only keeps people broke and forces them to be relegated to using cast-off equipment!


                We have done what we're suggesting and will gladly discuss this subject off-list. We received a steamy reminder of our responsibility to have income sorces available for when life happens this past weekend. Late friday evening our air conditioning went out and wasn't repaired until late Saturday evening. Because we took responsibility and positioned ourselves to meet unexpected life challenges we had reserves available from "Yes" decisions we made when opportunity came around. We were able to gtake refuge in a local hotel until our apartment had cooled down to where we could return home.


                Mary and I wish to urge everyone to follow our example so you can buy current hardware and software and receive the quality support needed to keep it in ship shape. All the best for a great weekend.


Peter Donahue




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Subject: Freedom Scientific partners with Computers for the Blind to give the best computing experience to those who need it - Freedom Scientific Blog


This is pretty cool. For those of us who already have Jaws, probably not a “big deal”, but still. The more who are able to get access to a quality screen reader, the better.

And yes, I am aware of NVDA.

I’ve helped a VI low-income friend get a machine from this organization in the past. They do good work.

Once you get past the initial purchase of Jaws, if you price out the SMAs, it’s basically a $5.00 monthly subscription anyway.

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