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Libertarian Atlas Shrugged views aside, this is a good thing. Whatever VFO’s aims are, the fact is that this is going to allow for a lot more people to get access to technology they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford on their own.

For those of us who are on these lists, again, it’s likely a moot point to a certain degree, but for those who are trying to make their PC last a little longer or who have fallen behind on SMA’s or have a  friend or family member or even a spouce who wants or needs their own set up. This can only be welcome news.



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Oh, you are so smart!  You saved up enough to fix your broken AC!  Well, instead of spending a few hundred bucks for a hotel room, maybe you should have spent a lousy $20 for a fan to tide you over instead.  And by
“money making opportunity”. if you mean groveling on a street corner with a fiddle and a tin cup, well, that just doesn’t cut it, and only reinforces the negative stereotype of blind people in the minds of the sighted public, and does not represent real “employment” by any stretch of the imagination.






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Hello again everyone,


                And would need to do so after one year. This is most definitely another assistive technology joke!


                We received our initial equipment from rehab. we got tired of their services and intrusions into our lives real fast!Since 2006 we have never sought assistance from them and don't plan to do so any time soon. All of our assistive hardware and software was bought by us with funds we raised on our own. Like many here we too started out on Social Security when we got married. Various money-making opportunities came along over the years. After careful scrutany we found one that continues to help us buy our own technology including adaptive hardware and software. Since then we've created additional income streams in order to maintain this equipment as well as meet our other life needs such as when the air conditioning goes out as it did this past weekend.


                Since the beginning of 2018 we bought a Braille-Edge 40, along with the latest Jaws upgrade and a copy of Duxbury for our desktop.


Just a reminder. If all we want to do is say how great we are we wouldn't offer to help others do the same. End of story.


Peter Donahue



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Hi, Crist óbal. The person who received a computer from Computers for the Blind, to whom I refered in a previous email did not receive a JAWS license. What she received was a JAWS demo install. She needed to buy her own license.



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This email makes absolutely no sense in so many ways.

Even if the PC is crap (what can you reasonably expect for a machine sold to you at $150.00 or less), Just the Jaws license itself makes it something worth looking into.

Probably VFO’s way to increase the amount of individuals using their products while at the same time, banking on building up the revenue through SMA’s going forward.

Again, if you’re looking at one of these machines to begin with, you’re probably limited in your options regardless of your visual impairment.

And by the way, what’s cast-off equipment anyway? I’m writing this email on a refurbished Dell tower that I scored a deal on for example. My monitor? $8 at the Good Will because I was not going to pay upwards of $100 for a screen I have no need for, but for those times I may need my sighted wife to bail me out. My 6 year old HP laserjet printer was starting to give up the ghost so I found a deal on a wireless Brother Laser printer at one of those over-run bulk cash and carry outlets downtown for $10 and a case of 20 compatible ink cartridges for another ten bucks.




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Subject: Computers to Help People, Take a Different Road


Good afternoon everyone,


                While we're glad they're working to make Jaws available on their computers Computers to Help People itself leaves lots to be desired! We know of cases where they sold used computers to blind persons that had hardware that was older than they were told it was. They don't offer their own tech support service, and offer equipment that is deffective and seriously out-of-date.


                While it's true unemployment is a serious issue among the blind it's also true that blind persons are presented with business and other opportunities that could give them more than any job could. We know this from having offering our opportunity to blind individuals who either flat turned it down or got involved and didn't remain committed to making it work for them. Our advice to anyone wanting assistive technology or want to upgrade your current technology and to skip the rehab rat race if opportunity comes calling it's legal and credible and you know the person presenting it to you, answer the door, let it in, get on board, and make it happen!


                There's no reason why blind persons offered such opportunities should be using junked hardware and seriously out-of-date software. It's your responsibility to develop the needed income streams to keep your equipment and applications current. Failure to do this will be a lack of responsibility on your part! The same also goes for viewing those who have done this successfully as braggers, show-offs etc. Someone who wanted to simply brag about their achievements wouldn't offer to help others do what they accomplished. Such thinking only keeps people broke and forces them to be relegated to using cast-off equipment!


                We have done what we're suggesting and will gladly discuss this subject off-list. We received a steamy reminder of our responsibility to have income sorces available for when life happens this past weekend. Late friday evening our air conditioning went out and wasn't repaired until late Saturday evening. Because we took responsibility and positioned ourselves to meet unexpected life challenges we had reserves available from "Yes" decisions we made when opportunity came around. We were able to gtake refuge in a local hotel until our apartment had cooled down to where we could return home.


                Mary and I wish to urge everyone to follow our example so you can buy current hardware and software and receive the quality support needed to keep it in ship shape. All the best for a great weekend.


Peter Donahue




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Subject: Freedom Scientific partners with Computers for the Blind to give the best computing experience to those who need it - Freedom Scientific Blog


This is pretty cool. For those of us who already have Jaws, probably not a “big deal”, but still. The more who are able to get access to a quality screen reader, the better.

And yes, I am aware of NVDA.

I’ve helped a VI low-income friend get a machine from this organization in the past. They do good work.

Once you get past the initial purchase of Jaws, if you price out the SMAs, it’s basically a $5.00 monthly subscription anyway.

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