moderated Opening a link in a new tab from the "List of Links" dialog


Can this be done?

I tried CTRL plus hitting enter to activate the link, but it always replaces the contents of the tab that had focus when you invoked the "show list of links" dialog with INS+F7.

I would like to be able to imitate what can be done with CTRL+Left Click in a tabbed browser, which forces the link clicked upon to open in a new tab, but I'll be darned if I can figure out a way when the link selection is occurring via the list of links dialog.

Even if it can be stated, definitively, that this cannot be done then I can come up with a workaround.  When you're trying to read a newspaper it's a lot easier to open the articles of potential interest in their own tabs so that one can go back to "the front page" or "the main page of the sports section" or similar than it is to keep having to reload them and start all over again.


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