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Vaughn Brown

Thank you Steve. I use JAWS 18 and new to these little tricks.

On 6/11/18, Steve Griffiths <steve.griffiths@...> wrote:
Hi Jed,

Another option, if you have JAWS 16 or later, is to use speech history.
Press Insert + Space, then H and you get the last 50 things JAWS said in the
virtual viewer, from where you can select and copy what you need. Then
Escape to close the virtual viewer. It's a really handy feature.

Steve 🐾

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Hi Jed,

You can virtualize the window using the keystroke Insert / Jaws key, Alt, +
W, then press, Control + A to select all the text, then press, Control + C,
to copy / paste the text to the clipboard Now press, escape to get out of /
close the virtual window and press, Control + V, to paste the text into a
text file or message.
Take care. Mike. Go Dodgers.
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Subject: copying text,

Hey guys,

OK, i am trying to install a software package. I am getting an error.
So i need to copy the error to send to some people for review. The
only way i can review it is with the jaws cursor. Is there any way i
can copy it using the jaws cursor?


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