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Nino Dagostino

Hi Bill:

I baught total recorder and tried to set it up the way they said and I cant get it to work.

What driver do you use?

Thank you.

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Hi, Amanda. I currently use Total Recorder for recording captured Internet streams. I am using Windows 10, and JAWS 2018. Specifically, I use Total Recorder Professional Edition for audio only. I don't turn off JAWS while recording. Instead, I start Total recorder, put in the link for the website for which I want to record the stream, press JAWS key plus SPACE, then S to turn speech off, then press ENTER to go to the website.

I know there is supposed to be a way to get Total Recorder to exclude JAWS from what it records, but this has not worked well for me. What happens when I try to do this is this. I follow the instructions for installing Total Recorder the way you're supposed to, to only install the Curnel mode driver. When I start Total recorder that way, it does not record JAWS. It also records the stream, when I can get it to play. Often, though, the stream will not play in this mode, plus, when I want to use WinAmp to play my music, the music won't play. This is why I just let JAWS record at the beginning, and edit JAWS off the beginning of the recording, after I have completed the recording.

I have used Total recorder for about eight years now, and although there have been bugs now and then, I am satisfied with its operation.

If you should decide to purchase Total Recorder Professional Edition, which is about $39, I would be happy to help you with the learning curve. I will send a private message to your gmail account with my telephone number. I hope the information I have provided may be of help to you.

Bill White

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I was wondering if anyone has experience with the Total Recorder application while using JFW? I currently have JFW 18 and was told that Total Recorder would be good for recording system sound. I see mention of screen reader users on their website, but wanted others opinions before making the purchase.


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