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Amanda Berkley

Which version would I need if I just want to record something through
windows media player or iTunes, and want the recording to auto cut off
when the track is over?


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can you put JAWS on another sound device. I run JAWS on a stand alone device

with TR and do not encounter these problems. I also use it as a soundbite
editor. The thing I like about total recorder is that it does not
destructively edit mp3 files. It appears to do direct conversion rather than

converting to wave from mp3 and back to mp3. It's a good program. You should

have no difficulty with it.

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From: Bill White
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Hi, Amanda. I currently use Total Recorder for recording captured Internet
streams. I am using Windows 10, and JAWS 2018. Specifically, I use Total
Recorder Professional Edition for audio only. I don't turn off JAWS while
recording. Instead, I start Total recorder, put in the link for the website

for which I want to record the stream, press JAWS key plus SPACE, then S to

turn speech off, then press ENTER to go to the website.

I know there is supposed to be a way to get Total Recorder to exclude JAWS
from what it records, but this has not worked well for me. What happens when

I try to do this is this. I follow the instructions for installing Total
Recorder the way you're supposed to, to only install the Curnel mode driver.

When I start Total recorder that way, it does not record JAWS. It also
records the stream, when I can get it to play. Often, though, the stream
will not play in this mode, plus, when I want to use WinAmp to play my
music, the music won't play. This is why I just let JAWS record at the
beginning, and edit JAWS off the beginning of the recording, after I have
completed the recording.

I have used Total recorder for about eight years now, and although there
have been bugs now and then, I am satisfied with its operation.

If you should decide to purchase Total Recorder Professional Edition, which

is about $39, I would be happy to help you with the learning curve. I will
send a private message to your gmail account with my telephone number. I
hope the information I have provided may be of help to you.

Bill White

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Subject: Total Recorder

I was wondering if anyone has experience with the Total Recorder
application while using JFW? I currently have JFW 18 and was told that
Total Recorder would be good for recording system sound. I see mention
of screen reader users on their website, but wanted others opinions
before making the purchase.


Ray T. Mahorney

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