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Nino Dagostino

Thanks I don’t want to use 2factor.


The thing that got me in trouble was following Googles advice.


For outlook to work I had to use the old way of connect to gmail.


Google says that it is not secure but, it was so secure I could not get into my own email “smile”


Have a good day.




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Subject: Re: Problems with my gmail account


Turn off two factor authentication.  It makes it a nightmare to use a very great many e-mail clients.

That, or make certain that Outlook 2016 is in the list of allowed apps.

1. Go to your Google Account page.

2. In the Sign-In & Security Section, activate the Apps with account access link.

3. Under the Apps with access to your account be sure that Outlook is listed.

4. Search for the Signing in to Google link and activate it.

5. Under the Password & Sign-in Method section, locate the 2-step Verification control and, if it's not already off, activate it.

I currently have 2-step Verification off and do not wish to turn it back on to complete the remaining steps, but I presume they will be quite straightforward if you follow the prompts presented.


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