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Nino Dagostino

That’s good to know.


I had a Microsoft tech go into my computer using quickassist.


It sounds like it might be a little more secur than Teamviewer That’s just a thought.


Have a good day.




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Quick Assist is an analog to Windows Remote Assistance, TeamViewer, and any number of other products that allows you to request assistance from someone else and for them to take remote control of your computer to do so.

In the case of Quick assist, the person wanting assistance fires up Quick Assist (which you can find with a Cortana/Windows search) and chooses the Get Assistance option, at which point they will be presented with a dialog that requires them to enter a 6 digit code from the person who will be giving assistance.  On the assistance giver's end, they fire up Quick Assist and select the Give assistance option, at which point they will be presented with the 6 digit code that the person requesting assistance must enter, and which must be entered within 10 minutes of having been issued in order to establish the session.

Once the session is established the person offering assistance has a full screen view of the computer of the person who made the request and can control same via keyboard and mouse remotely.  I do not think that this will work for control via screen reader if both parties were screen reader users, hence the creation of options in the major screen readers which support remote/tandem connections to achieve the same effect.


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