Moderated Can't Use Down Arrow to Scroll through Word Document

Dani Pagador

Hi, Everyone.
Using JFW17, Win10 and Word Whose-Version-Number-Is-Unknown.

I am writing a document with more than one page. I am using the down
arrow to read through the document in order to make any changes, and
when I get to a certain point in the document, I can't arrow down
anymore--I can't say for sure if it's the bottom of the first page,
but assume it's so. In order to read more, I have to Control+end, then
up arrow to where the next section begins.

My View is set to Print Layout, and my Zoom is set to multiple pages.
Neither of this seems to make a difference. My window is also

Any ideas?

I've used Word and JFW for a long time, and have not seen this happen
before. I recently updated to the 1803 version of Win10, and my
computer and JFW aren't playing nicely at sign-in, so this could be
another snafu. I'm really hoping this can be resolved, since having to
do the work-around is a pain.


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