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Hello Again,


My sister viewed the emails after I made the Outlook change to HTML.  She said the graphics are still messed up.  Is there an additional setting I should look at for just forwarding messages?  Still puzzled on what to do.







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I’m not Brian, but as far as checking which format you are using, hit alt+f then t for options.  \

Arrow down  once to mail, and tab twice and it should say, compose in this format.  If it says html, then you are using html for sending.

If it doesn’t, arrow up or down until you get to html and then hit enter or tab to OK and hit enter.








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Hi Brian,


I do not recall ever making a choice for plain text.  Where can I confirm this in Outlook?


I can forward you a message off list if you provide me the email address for this.  Smile.  I did not keep the ones we recently had this experience with, but I will forward a similar one which I believe will show the situation.







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         Are you, by any chance, having Outlook force your incoming e-mail messages to plain text?  Since a very great many e-mail messages are in HTML format when they get forced to plain text a lot of what was contained in them, particularly graphics, gets mangled.  You also lose information that's involved with those graphics.

         I always strongly discourage my clients from forcing plain text because of the potential for lost content that's hard to describe, but is there if you leave the message "unmolested" from its format of composition.

         If you're not forcing plain text if an example of one of these messages can be forwarded to me I might be able to figure out what's going on just by examining what comes in.


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