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Stephanie Switzer

I guess great minds think alike. lol.

On 12/27/11, Shane Davidson <> wrote:
Lol. I just posted that.
Twitmonger is a spin off and only has twitter support and nothing else.
So if that's all yoru doing, twitmonger's your best bet.
Yes it's still in early dev, but is being actively worked on.

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Here is another program that is a "fork of the no longer developed Qwitter
program" In case you don't like "The qube":

On 12/27/11, Stephanie Switzer <> wrote:
There's a more updated program. It's called "The Qube" You should
download that instead of "qwitter" seeing as Qwitter is no longer
being developed. You can find it at:
It's still in beta stage, but the developer welcomes feedback from the
people using the program.

On 12/26/11, Roger Loran Bailey <> wrote:

On 12/26/2011 10:53 PM, Dale Reardon wrote:

I am using Jfw13 and IE9.

When I click on twitter links on people's websites to follow them I
get taken to a twitter page/website where I'm told by my sighted
wife that there is a follow button to activate. However Jaws
doesn't seem to detect it and won't let me activate it.

Does anyone know a way around this?


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