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Alan Robbins

Never knew this and turned spell check off in Chrome. However, problem persists reported on below in initial portion of this thread. This only began with me a few Jaws updates ago. Any other suggestions for silencing this pesky annoyance?





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That's right, it's not restricted to Chrome. All Web browsers have spell-checkers. That's one of the first things I do when I try a new one is to turn those annoying things off. Spell-checker, grammar-checker, they all go off. I was properly taught to spell and construct sentences in school. I neither need nor desire software to correct me. Actually, I'd much prefer to have a person do it than a piece of code, like my good pal Dave Durber, ha ha, who's been doing it for years, whether I need it or not! LOLLOL! You know I'm just having you on, Dave, or at least I *hope* you do.


On 6/6/2018 12:03 PM, Dave Durber wrote:

Hello Steve:


This problem is not restricted to Chrome. I have had this happen to me while using FireFox and Internet Explorer several times but, I must admit, not for two or three years.




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It's not JAWS saying misspelled, it's Chrome. Turn off automatic spell-checking. I don't know where that's done because I'm not a Chrome user, but it's in settings or options somewhere.


On 6/6/2018 8:08 AM, Gezim Rexha wrote:

Hi List,

While posting on Facebook yesterday, I got annoyed by JAWS saying ‘misspelled’ for every single word, so that I could not check my text before posting it. Of course, the reason was that my text was in Albanian, not in English, but I wonder if I can set JAWS not to say ‘misspelled’?

I am using latest JAWS, in this case with Google Chrome.

Best wishes,




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