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Why would you loose access to Word if you install Office 2016 via an Office 365 subscription and save your documents on your local hard drive? Subscriptions are the way things go and since I would otherwise pay for 1 TB of Dropbox storage I think the Office 365 subscription which includes 1 Tb of OneDrive storage is a heck of a deal. Also, $99 a year allows up to 5 family members (or good friends if you wish) to install Office and each person gets 1 Tb of storage as well as 60 Skype minutes for those who use them.


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the current version of JAWS is JAWS 2018 not JAWS 18, which is the previous version. Also, I would buy the Office 2016 CD not the subscription. It is cheaper in the long run and technology companies are deplatforming peple because of what is in their documents or e-mails. I do not want to lose access to MS Word documents because some coder at Microsoft decided fit a vague idea in the company's terms of service. This is what happend with Google docs last year when thousands of peple were denied access to the information they created.

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On 6/5/18, Dan Longmore <> wrote:
I turned off the "Start Screen" and "Back Stage View" as mentioned in
Richard's post. Also, I disabled the "Reading" pane in Word. I found
that turning off the "Preview pane in Outlook was also helpful and
disabling "groups" in the People section improved JAWS. Sometimes you
just have to play with the settings to see what will and will not
work. Trouble is that both JAWS and Office 2016 (Office 365) do
numerous updates and what now works good may not with next update but
the above settings usually remain unchanged with updates. There has
been one time however when setting needed fixed after a Office update.

Dan Ps I do not use Office calendar but there are JAWS glitches if
certain settings are not changed.

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So dan what tweeks did you do to inprove the use of jaws and 365?

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The to work good together, may be a bit of a learning curve and a few
tweaks here and there, our use it every day and found that it worked
good right out of the box


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Subject: JAWS 18 and the latest Office365?

So I haven't touched Office since 2003, and am going to need to change
What I'm wondering is if I'll have problems using latest JAWS version
18 with the current Office version available as a subscription. Any
settings I should change to avoid giving me a headache?

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