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the back slash type repair, I think, should be a slash type repair.

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Sent: Tuesday, Jun 5, 2018 12:36 PM EST
Subject: Jaws Error;

Good afternoon;

from out of nowhere I'm now receiving the following jaws error.

when I boot my computer, or, when I use hotkey to start either jaws 18
or 2018.

The Freedom Scientific Accessibility  Display Driver is not properly

so, I did a repair,

doing the following;

find the executable, copy as path, add a space, and type in: \typerepair.

so the line looks like,

"C:\Users\owner\Downloads\J2018.1805.33.400-enu-x64.exe" \TypeRepair

the repair actually starts, then a few minutes in I receive, unable to
complete repair, repair failed.

then I did a uninstall reinstall, still the same result.

has anyone  a suggestion?

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