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Ekstrand, Pamela A. -ND

Do you know if there is a way to get rid of the backstage view in Word 2013?


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Subject: Re: JAWS 18 and the latest Office365?

The changes to StartScreen and BackStage View only apply to Office 365 or
Office 16. So it is to only these programs that you make the changes.

Bill White

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Richard, does disabling the start screen and backstage have to be
changed for each program, or once done in one program, the changes are
applied to which ever program is used?

you stated that there are other tweaks of a personal preference, but do
you (or anyone else) know if there are any other tweaks that stand out
as being particularly beneficial to tweak for screen
reader,/,magnification optimization?

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Subject: JAWS 18 and the latest Office365?

I recommend a couple tweeks with Office 365:

In the File menu, Options, on the general tab, tab until you get to
“Show the start screen when this application starts” and uncheck it.

Then, go down to the save options which is about 4 below the general tab
and make sure that “Don’t show the backstage when opening or saving
files” is checked.

This is the same in Word and Excel. I almost never use PowerPoint, but
I suspect those settings might be there as well.

There are lots of other things you can tweek but those are more personal
preference things, but the Start Screen and Backstage settings will make
your experience much smoother in my very biased opinion.


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So dan what tweeks did you do to inprove the use of jaws and 365?

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The to work good together, may be a bit of a learning curve and a few
tweaks here and there, our use it every day and found that it worked
good right out of the box


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*Subject:* JAWS 18 and the latest Office365?

So I haven't touched Office since 2003, and am going to need to change
that. What I'm wondering is if I'll have problems using latest JAWS
version 18 with the current Office version available as a subscription.
Any settings I should change to avoid giving me a headache?

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