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Debby Hill

Hi Pele,

I may be able to help with 1, but not 2. (By the way, I didn't think anyone
else on the planet had a Brailliant 64 but me.) Anyway, this is just a
guess, but are status cells turned off? To go to setting center (JAWS key 6)
/ braille / advanced. The "placement of status cells" is the first option. I
am hoping they are set to "left" so you can set them to "none" and solve the

If that doesn't help, let me know and you could possibly try something else.

Have fun!


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Hi Everyone

I am using Windows 7, JAWS 2018 and a Brailliant B64 braille display.

I write code using VBA 2010. When I am using the editor I find that the
first 4 cells of the braille display are never used. Also, when I insert
a line the code does not appear in the right place on the display. This
can be confusing, as I indent coding.

1. Is there a way to make the code start at the lefthand end of the
display, except, of course, when it is indented?

2. Is there a way to stop the line moving to different cells in the

thanks, any help welcome

Pele West

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