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Nino Dagostino



There a couple ways to do this.


The first way is to


1make sure that you are on the desktop

2 press the control key and the spacebar you should here something like unselected


Once you are sure that the desktop is unselected press the just to the right of the alt key on the right


A list of items will open up, as you cursor down the list you will here new


Cursor to the right that will open another list.


On that list will be things like create a document just cursor down until you here  shortcut and press enter.


Adialog box will open you can type the shortcut in directly or you can browse the computer.


Next name the shortcut and click finish.


I hope this will get you started.


Have a good night.




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Subject: Re: creating short cut on desk top


I’m using Windows10 and Jaws2018. No it is not go Dodgers…it is go Brewers!


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Hi Kevin,


What operating system are you running?

Take care.  Mike.  Go Dodgers.
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Subject: creating short cut on desk top


I attempted to create a short cut on the desk top for the calculator app. I brought up the start up menu and typed in calculator. I then pressed the application key. I went through the menu and file location doesn’t show up. Is there a reason this app cannot be put on the desk top?

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