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James Homuth

Aside from the fact you replied to a message that *did* have something to do
with JAWS, what does this have to do with the topic of the list? I can wait
if you'd like to think about it.

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Hi, Friends:

Two years ago, at the NFB's convention in Daytona, Florida I won the Omni
Pack mate. It is like new, for I hardly used it but to test it out. I

put a much bigger soundcard in it than what it came with. If you would like
to buy it, just email me back so we may talk about the price, for you may
want to ask me questions that I obviously have not answered.

Thank you.

Roy Dubriel

I feel that it should bring $1,000 on EBay.

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you enrich me." Antoinede Saint-Exupéry

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Subject: Problem with word

I'm using JFW 8 and Word 2003. On one document, and just on this one, when
I try to read it word by word as I rewrite the document, on many of the
words Jaws only speaks the first letter of the word. If I read letter by
letter, it reads correctly. It only happens on this one document. Any
suggestions will be appreciated...
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