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Yes, I do mean in Microsoft Word 2013, with Windows 10 and Jaws 18.  I have

followed your directions but it isn't working. I get to the Proofing controls but there is only the word dictionary- that I can find. I am not sure what I am doing wrong, or why I can't follow through with your advice.


Elaine .

On 5/31/2018 6:07 PM, Brian Proofing  wrote:


          I am presuming you are speaking of AutoNumbering in Microsoft Word (or Microsoft Office more generally).

To permanently turn off the automatic creation of numbered lists (and/or bulleted lists) as you type:

1.  Activate the File Tab, Options Item - ALT+F,T
2.  Arrow down to Proofing then hit TAB to enter the Proofing Controls.
3.  Activate the AutoCorrect Options Button - ALT+A
4.  In the AutoCorrect Options dialog, navigate to the AutoFormat as you type tab.
5.  Under the Apply as you type group, uncheck one, the other or both of these checkboxes:  Automatic Numbered Lists, Automatic Bulleted Lists
6.  OK your way back out to your document.

You may need to do the above while editing Normal.dotx, then saving it, in order for it to be off for all future blank documents created from Normal.dotx, but I am not absolutely certain of that.   You can easily test this out by doing the above in whatever document you're editing then creating a new blank document and seeing if autonumbered/autobulleted lists are still off.


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