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Hi, Gudrun. The reason your email improved is this:

When you first switch from POP to IMAP, your computer must create the IMAP folders, and download the headers and the messages from the server into those newly created folders. This takes some time, and often, there are synchronization errors which occur during the download process. This is not because there is really a problem with the email setup. Instead, it is because there are so many messages and headers to download. Outlook becomes overwhelmed with the enormous amount of messages, and gives a synchronization error. The fix for this is simply to allow the "cancel" message to remain on the screen. After maybe an hour or so, the "Cancel" message will disappear, and outlook will return to the inbox. After this initial extreme behavior, outlook returns to a more or less normal, stable behavior.

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Hi Richard, I've got Windows 7 and JFW 2018. Sorry, should have been more specific. I'm glad it isn't inherent in having imap. I was afraid it would be. I have a huge email structure and have been struggling to move it over to imap from .pop, and the idea of it being a shift for the worse was hugely disturbing. For some reason, it seems to have improved somewhat as of yesterday.


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The delay could be from a number of factors. Internet speed, processor speed, etc. You did not mention what version of jaws you are using.
The other advantage to iMap is that if you have more than one device accessing your mail, they will always be in sync.
I have Outlook 2016 and Jaws 2018 and have no noticeable delay and Jaws does not freeze.

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Hi: Up until recently, I’ve had a .pop account with my Outlook 2010. Per recommendations from knowledgeable and trustworthy individuals, I’ve switched over to imap. What I’ve noticed is that the action is a lot less crisp and snappy than with my old .pop account. The advantage with imap is, supposedly, that your messages, except for the absolute most recent ones, reside on your server rather than taking up space on your hard drive, thus older messages can be downloaded if you click on them. My interaction with my .pop email account, deleting, moving, reading, used to be immediate. I now experience a lot of sluggish delays, plus JAWS freezing, with my imap. When I delete messages, same thing. I often have to sit there and wait for a deletion to finish, and JAWS freezes. It often doesn’t seem to matter whether I delete one message or three conversations. What’s the experience of the rest of you?


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