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On Thu, May 31, 2018 at 06:18 am, paul lemm wrote:
The other thing that may impact the speed is who your email provider is, since its taking and receiving the emails from their servers
This is indeed true, but for a great many of us we're using e-mail from Gmail or the like, which is set up for it.  If you're having problems in that situation it's typically either something on your end (your computer) or with your internet service provider rather than the e-mail service provider itself that's "choking" throughput or in some other way causing issues with maintaining the connection between you and the e-mail server.  This generally only matters during "mass operations" where you'd be dealing with potentially thousands of messages at a time.  Doing a send/receive for your latest incoming/outgoing should certainly not be problematic for the e-mail service provider at the very least.

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