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The number of appointments you can review is relative to the Calendar view.


If you’d like to TAB through the appointments for a single day, change the view to reflect the appointments for only that day. The easiest way to do this is with a simple keystroke. ALT-NUMBER ROW 1 through ALT-NUMBER ROW 10 displays one  through 10 days in the Calendar.


To confine the view to a single day and view only the appointments for that day:


  • Display a single day (ALT-1)
  • Change the view to a Scheduled View
    • Open the View ribbon (ALT-V)
    • Activate “Schedule View” (S,V)


You’re now displaying the appointments for a single day in a schedule view.  Navigate among the appointments with TAB and SHIFT-TAB.





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Subject: Jaws and Outlook 2016


Hello, I was using the calendar in Outlook 2016 with Jaws2018 and Windows10. In prior versions of Outlook I could arrow up and down on a particular day to see different times or tab to different events on that day. Now I cannot arrow up and down and when I tab it takes me to the next event setup on my calendar. Is there a setting I need to change how I move around the Outlook calendar?

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