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paul lemm



What kind of thing are you wanting to code? If its writing  audio games , then I’d recommend  something called BGT (which stands for blastbay games toolkit), , I use it to write my own audio games, for someone with no coding experience at all it’s a  as it takes care of some of that behind the scenes stuff for you.



really good place to start, the tutorials are well written and it gives you all the tools you need to be able to write your own games, but without the headache of having to learn all the intricacies  of a main stream language ,

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What kind of coding would you like to do?




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I want to learn to code. I'm using jfw18, and windows 10 insider preview.


I'm a beginner, so any help will be appreciated? Where am I start?


Thanks so much to any help,


Afik Suffir


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