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Rick Miller

The .ic file is already on my Outlook calendar.  When I initially activated the link to save to calendar, that was where it went.  I checked the Outlook calendar, and it was there.  My question is this.  The communion appointments are not shown on the respective dates.  When I go to the dates on which I have to serve, the dates are all blank.  Is this the way it is supposed to be, or am I doing something wrong?




Rick Miller


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Here is a web site that has instructions that should work for you.




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Dear Listers:


I have just become a deacon at my church, and have just received an e-mail message giving the days on which I will be serving Communion.  In it, there is an “add to calendar,” link.  When I activate this link I get the option to save the dates in an .ics file.  After I did this, I did not find the appointment on my Outlook calendar on the first Sunday I will serve.  I have never saved an .ics calendar file before.  Does such a file work with JAWS?  If it does, how do you get JAWS to read the given appointment(s) in the file?




Rick Miller


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