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Soronel Haetir

In word (or wordpad) it's even easier to do accented characters, hit
ctrl+<accent key character> followed by the letter, for example é can
be produced by ctrl+' then e, <accent key character> is one of "'",
'"'. ':', '^', '`', '~', probably some others. And note that not all
accents work with all characters. The list is much larger than what
you get with jaws' jaws+4 though.

On 5/27/18, Shan Noyes <> wrote:
Sorry about that got a love voice dictation you have to be careful with it
as well as auto correct you’re right Brian have a good day
On May 26, 2018, at 5:59 PM, Brian Vogel <> wrote:


Did you, by any chance, use voice dictation on that last
message. It reads "ship in the control key," which I take to mean SHIFT
and the CTRL, but I'm wondering if you actually meant SHIFT+ALT?

WinKey+Spacebar appears to be the default, see:
and is the option documented on the keyboard shortcuts page for Windows

It also seems that SHIFT+ALT will work, see:

You can, of course, change the default, though and you have to
have more than one language defined for the system to allow switching. I
just haven't been able to find SHIFT+CTRL documented as an alternative.

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