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The other thing is, how old is your computer?  I got a Mac Book pro in 013, then a refurbished windows computer earlier this year with windows 10 put on it.  The Mac book pro converted to windows runs faster then the refurbished windows computer.  Honestly, you could almost make lunch waiting for JAWS to read out the text at times. Even restarting Jaws did not seem to fix the problem.   


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Did you try reloading JAWS? Or, making sure it is maximized? Sometimes Jaws just has a brain fart.





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On May 27, 2018, at 8:23 AM, kevin meyers <kman2020@...> wrote:

Hello, Yesterday I had no problem creating an email using Outlook2016 and windows10. Today anything I type in the body of the email is not possible for Jaws to read. There are times I arrow up a line and 10-15 seconds later it will read it. Any thoughts of what is causing this problem?

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