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Mike B. <mb69mach1@...>

Hi Jed,
With Malwarebytes 3.XXX the activation screen will show only a field to enter the KEY.
Directly beneath that is a check box that reads "My license came with a License ID". When this box is checked, the ID field will appear.
Therefore, your Key will go on the top line and the ID goes in the bottom line. Give copy and paste a try eliminating any unseen spaces before or after the data that has been entered.
Take care.  Mike.  Go Dodgers!
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Subject: malware bytes and registration

Hey guys,
OK, just got the latest malware bytes.  Trying to put in my
registration key.  I have it, and there is a box where i can type it.
However, i can't seem to review it.  Am i doing something wrong,
anyone else had the same issue?

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