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Elaine Young <hidden_spring@...>


Again thanks for all the response to my issues with Amazon last evening. My order confirmation finally showed up in my inbox and although it wasn't there at 10:00 PM when I shut down my computer, it was there this morning and appears to have been sent at 7:45 PM, the time I ordered the product. I use Thunderbird and every now and then it is apparent a message is delayed in its arrival. This must have been one of those times. I have no idea why that happens, but all is well.

And this morning there was also a message sent at 5:21 AM that my order has shipped. So all is really well!

I remember a time about a year ago that I had problems with the website one day and gave up. The next day I tried again and had no problems. I guess that is just the practice I need to do whenever I am frustrated.  smile.



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